How to activate almonds at home - and why you'd want to

Activating any nut is essentially soaking it in water for a period of time (usually a minimum of 7 hours and up to 24 hours).

Once soaked, the nuts are dried out in low heat to ensure the natural enzymes are not destroyed.⁣

What Are the Benefits of Activated Almonds? ⁣

They offer a higher nutritional value⁣

Raw almonds naturally contain particular chemicals — natural enzyme inhibitors — that support the germination process, preventing them from sprouting in dry, unsuitable conditions. Unfortunately, these natural enzyme inhibitors also prevent the almonds from fully releasing their nutrients. Activating them breaks down these enzyme inhibitors. Once the inhibitors are broken down, all the nutrients are then properly released, delivering a boost of vitamins and minerals when consumed.⁣

They prevent digestive distress⁣

The enzyme inhibitors in the raw nuts also make them hard to digest. Eating raw almonds in bulk can pressure your digestive tract and cause uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, nausea and heaviness. Soaked almonds are much easier for your body to process.⁣

They taste better⁣

Toxic tannins naturally found in the skins of almonds can often leave a very bitter, unsavoury flavour alongside a chalky feeling in the mouth. Once activated, the nuts lose this flavour and texture and are left light, crunchy and naturally sweet.⁣

Activated almonds are available in shops, but they can be very expensive. Which is why learning how to activate almonds at home is an excellent way to boost your health, enjoy a snack, and save those dollars 😏⁣
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