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Power your day with the Domaya portable and easy-to-use High Power Nutri Blender & Coffee Grinder. It features a powerful high torque 1000-watt motor that effortlessly pulverizes the toughest ingredients: skins, seeds, fruit, vegetables, nuts and even crushes ice, so you can turn the toughest foods into the smoothest shakes, smoothies, sauces, or purées.  The powerful blade can also double as a coffee grinder so you can have one less appliance in your kitchen. Comes with multiple blades and portable lids. The Domaya High Power Nutri Blender & Coffee Grinder is easy to use, easy to clean. No fuss, no added fluff. 

Because we create products we authentically use in our own home, we offer a TWO YEAR warranty so you can buy a Domaya with confidence.

Product Features: 

  • High, Low Speed & Pulse functions make the food just the way you like. 
  • The slim design makes it easy to store after every use.
  • The noise level of our blenders is only 80 dB while industry standard is around 88 dB with some blenders reaching between 91 and 97 dB
What's Included
One (1) 1L portable BPA-free cup, one (1) 0.4L BPA-free grinder cup, one (1) flip-top lid, and two (2) stay-fresh resealable lids, one (1) grinder blade, one (1) extractor blade, one (1) motor base.
How to Use
NOTE: Before using your Domaya High Power Nutri Blender & Coffee Grinder for the first time, clean all of the accessories (except for the motor base) in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

1. Make sure the motor base is unplugged from the power source.
2. Place the motor base on a firm, flat, level surface.
3. Fill the blending cup with your ingredients and connect with the extractor blade for blending purposes. Please cut ingredients into pieces if they are solid, and remove all hard pieces from the fruit before blending. Do not use dry, solid ingredients alone. Hard objects can damage the blade or cup. Alternatively, fill the grinding cup with your ingredients and connect it with the grinder blade for grinding purposes. Do not exceed the max level on the cup.
4. Connect the cup with the blade.
5. Rotate the cup into the motor base in a clockwise direction. Make sure the cup is locked firmly.
6. . Plug in the appliance and press the “ON/OFF” button to turn the appliance on and off. Press the “LOW/HIGH” button to toggle between low and high speeds. If you want to use the pulse function during operation, press the “PULSE” button once to let the appliance stop first, and then press the “PULSE” button again to run the appliance at full speed for 2 seconds. Repeat if needed.
7. After 50 seconds of continuous blending, the appliance will stop automatically. It is required to rest for 5 minutes to prevent overheating. Do not exceed 5 cycles.
Technical Specifications
Voltage: 120V ~ 60Hz Power: 1000W

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