Domaya Multi-Functional Sandwich Grill & Waffle Maker

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Domaya Multi-Functional Sandwich Grill & Waffle Maker bringing functionality and cooking finesse to your kitchen.

A 3-in-1 heated press to make easy, hearty snacks. Get creative with its multiple detachable grill plates for waffles, paninis and toasted sandwiches. Serve up a stack of scrumptious waffles, crispy toasted sandwiches, or perfect paninis oozing melted cheese; our sandwich toaster gives you unlimited creative freedom. One appliance. Many mouth-watering meals.

The indicator lights let you know immediately when food is ready. And with temperature control, your food comes out just how you want it - every time. With non-stick plates, your food will virtually slide right off... Simply wipe with a cloth and you’re ready to create your next delightful meal.

Flexible hinge allows Domaya Multi-Functional Sandwich Grill & Waffle Maker to transform into a versatile flat top grill  - simply open the sandwich maker hinge to 180 degrees and extend to the drip tray to collect any excess oil for a mess-free cooking.

Did someone say a loaded breakfast panini followed up with a sizzling beef steak for lunch? Come right this way!

Product Features: 

  • Non-stick plates make it easy to use and easy to clean!
  • Flexible hinge allows the grill to open into a flat top grill
  • Three removable plates allow you to make paninis, waffles, sandwiches and more!
  • Cool touch SUS handle and safety fuse for overheat protection
What's Included
One (1) Appliance body, one (1) Grill plate, one (1) Sandwich plate and one (1) Waffle plate.
How to Use
NOTE: Before using your Domaya Multi-Functional Sandwich Grill & Waffle Maker for the first time, clean all of the accessories (except for the motor base) in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
1. Select the plate you wish to use and slightly grease it with butter or cooking oil.
2. Insert the upper and lower plates into the appliance body.
3. Plug the appliance into the power source. Both the red and green lights should turn on, signalling that the appliance is heating up.
Note: When using the appliance for the first time, a light smoke may arise. This isnormal and is a result of the initial heating of the internal components.
4. Prepare the food while the appliance is pre-heating.
5. When the lights indicate green, the appliance is at the correct temperature for use. Throughout the cooking process, the lights may cycle on and off to maintain a stable temperature.
6. To make a sandwich, lay the bottom slice of bread onto the lower plate, followed by filling and top slice of bread. For optimal results, fillings should be placed well within the bread slices. To make a waffle, pour batter into the lower waffle plate.
7. Lower the upper plate onto the food until the appliance is tightly clamped.
8. Open the appliance after 3-5 minutes to check on the food. The cooking time is dependent on the type of food, fillings and your personal taste.
9. Use a non-metallic utensil (e.g., wooden spatula) to remove the food item. Do not use sharp or abrasive kitchen utensils.
10. Unplug the appliance from the power source after use. Allow it to cool down before cleaning or storing. The appliance may be stored vertically.

Ensure the appliance body is on a stable surface. Open the appliance to 90 degrees.
Push plate release buttons outwards from the appliance to remove upper and lower plates.
To install a different plate, slide the upper plate from the top edge of the appliance inwards until it becomes flush in place.
Slide the bottom plate from the outside edge in the same manner.

Ensure the appliance body is on a stable surface.
Open the appliance to 90 degrees.
Pull back the locks on both hinges.
Place hand on handle and pull upper housing upwards until hinge gap releases. From here you should be able to lay the appliance 180 degrees open.
Technical Specifications
Voltage: 120V~60Hz 1200W

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