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The Domaya Smart & Silent Power Juicer is where Functionality Meets Kitchen Countertop Elegance.

At Domaya, we listened to complaints about loud, grumpy juicers that show no consideration for how you like your different mixtures blended.

A high-powered yet super silent juicer. With five speed settings, a wide mouth and a 2L pulp container, it creates the highest yield of different fruits and vegetables for the perfect blend of fresh juice every time. The Domaya Smart & Silent Power Juicer is easy to use, easy to clean. No fuss, no added fluff.

A crystal clear LED display allows for effortless access to your preferred juicer machine setting. And with an 800W DC motor, expect to get your beautiful, flavorful juices in a quiet surrounding (less than 65 decibels!)

Equipped with non-slip rubber feet and a triplex protection safety switch, you can leave the Juice extractor on your kitchen counter with complete peace of mind in a busy family home. Can’t wait to get juicing? Buy now with confidence with a 2-year warranty and join thousands of happy customers choosing to enjoy their juices the smart way - more juice, less fluff!

Product Features: 

  • Electric fruit juicer packs functionality and calm into a stylish stainless steel housing to give you your favorite juices.
  • 800W DC motor to extract all the flavor flain a quiet environment (less than 65 decibels).
  • The 1000 mL juice squeezer cup - included with your purchase - gives you plenty of space to mix all your delicious juice recipes. And with a 2L pulp container, you won’t have to worry about any mess getting in your way.
  • Equipped with non-slip rubber feet and a triplex protection safety switch, for your peace of mind.
What's Included
One (1) 2L pulp container, one (1) 1L juice cup with lid, one (1) Pusher, one (1) Cover with wide 85 mm opening, one (1) Sieve filter, one (1) 800 W motor base with LCD display and one (1) Brush.
How to Use
NOTE: Before using your Domaya Smart & Silent Power Juicer for the first time, clean all of the accessories (except for the motor base) in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
1. Place the assembled juicer on a firm, flat and dry surface. Keep the appliance properly ventilated by ensuring nothing is covering or blocking any part of it.
2. Make sure the pusher is not in the appliance and that the power cord is not damaged or near any sharp, hot or wet surfaces.
3. Be sure that the power socket is easily accessible so that it is possible to unplug the appliance immediately in case of danger. Insert the plug into the electric outlet.
4. Place the cup without the lid or another suitable juice container at the mouth of the appliance.
5. Switch on the power by touching the button softly for at least 7 seconds. This is a child safety protection system. The LCD display should turn on, showing the working time (00:00).
6. The right arrow is for speeding up; the left arrow is for speeding down. The display shows the speed setting in use. Speed setting (1) is for soft fruits, speed setting (2) is for citrus, speed setting (3) is for pineapples, speed setting (4) is for apples and carrots, and speed setting (5) is for hard fruits without seeds.
7. Place the prepared food into the mouth of the appliance a handful at a time.
8. Push them slightly using the pusher. Do not use fingers or any other object in the tube. Do not force or push hard with the pusher, as it can affect juice quality or cause the appliance to stop. Instead, use the method of pressing slightly, lifting, and repeating until the fruit or vegetable is juiced. The maximum continuous operation time is 2 minutes. If you reach this, allow the appliance to rest for 2 minutes.
9. If the pulp has piled up excessively, turn off the appliance, remove it from the power source, and clean the parts before starting again.
10. Touch the power button to put the appliance on standby. If you need to extract juice again, one touch of the button wakes it back up.
11. To turn the appliance off, wait until the filter is done rotating and remove the plug from the power source.
12. Disassemble the appliance and use the provided brush to clean the components.
Technical Specifications
Voltage: 120V ~ 60Hz Power: 800W

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