After Party Smoothie

Hangovers are the worst 😫⁣

When you wake up the next day after a night of drinking, it’s not uncommon to feel dehydrated and sluggish.⁣

Whether you’re hosting a party or simply indulging in some family time, this After Party Smoothie can help you recover from the festivities in style 🎉.⁣

All you’ll need is:⁣

▪️1/2 orange⁣
▪️1 cup pineapple⁣
▪️1 cucumber⁣
▪️1 cup seedless green grapes⁣
▪️1 green apple⁣
▪️1 bunch parsley⁣


➀ Chop all fruits and vegetables.⁣
➁ Combine all ingredients in your Domaya Blender & enjoy!⁣

💪 This smoothie is packed full of nutrients and vitamins that will help you feel better. And it’s super easy to make! Just use Domaya’s Personal Blender.⁣

With portable bottles, you can take your juice on the go! No fuss, no added fluff—just juice that tastes great and makes your life easier.⁣


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